Power in pain.
Sounds intense, huh? Well, I am intense.
I am one tough mother.

My name is Erin.

I am a 29 year old mother to three wee ones, Harper Lee (4), Finley Blue (18 months) and Scout Evangeline (newbie).  In addition to being a mother I am also a wife. I’ve been married to my husband, Andrew for 6 years. We have one dog, a Shepherd Chow mix named Makita. Professionally, I am a certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist and group fitness instructor. I am also a cook, maid, teacher, chauffeur, fashion consultant, nurse, referee and like every other mother the list goes on and on. When you get married and have kids you learn that your life is not your own. Your schedule is based on everyone else’s schedule. I have found ways to take care of my self physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while still taking good care of my family’s needs.  I get things done and face things head on. If you ask my opinion you will get my opinion whether you agree with it or not.

I created this blog so that you get a glimpse into the life of an intense mother who truly loves her family and is obsessed with healthy living. I blog mainly about my  adventures in Fitness, Food, and Motherhood.

I want to be an inspiration to mom’s who need encouragement or ideas to get to where they want to be and to actually MOVE to do it. If you have any questions or comments you can email me at moveyoumother@gmail.com

The Rest of the Clan


 This is my husband, Andrew. He is also into health and fitness, but he tends to like to take things outdoors. He prefers mountain biking, hiking, surfing and snow boarding. Unlike me, Andrew has problem keeping weight on (what a horrible problem, right?!?!). It doesn’t help that he is moving all day long and forgets to eat (what!?! how do you FORGET to eat?!?). He is a contractor but his passion is music and is currently starting a local Rock School for young people. He plays guitar and sings. The funny thing is he is more of an introvert, but you would never know when he is on stage. He is one of six children and tends to blend in with the crowd. I will leave you with one interesting fact that I am sure he will be thrilled that I share with you all…We met on the internet.

Harper Lee

My little lady, Harper Lee.  She just turned four , but I swear she is going on sixteen. She just asked me the other day for a fancy purse and some high heels!!! Is she my child?! Harper is all about play. This child would rather play then eat, even ice cream (again, is she my child?!?).  She also is very active and loves to move and is a daredevil. Thank God Andrew is all about the daring activities (rock climbing, surfing, etc.). Harper is very competitive (This is how I know she IS my child). She will make everything a competition. I am thoroughly enjoying her conversations and her inquisitive nature. I never know what is going to come out of her mouth.

Finley Blue

Mr. Fin Fin makes everyone he sees smile. He is quite the little rascal. Finley can be a little instigator by breaking up Harper’s precious play world by stealing  a toy and running  like crazy. He also has quite the sense of humor for an 18 month old. Like when 8 month pregnant mama has to chase him around the house to change his diaper and he will hide and look at me with pouty lips and say “Please” (clearly mocking me). This little man loves music and loves to bust a move.  He also looks up to his sister so much. Anything she is doing he is right by her side trying to mimic everything. Everyday is a true joy watching him learn and grow into his own.

Scout Evangeline

My little Scouty Mc Scout Scout has only been here a short time, but she has truly taken my heart. She is so pleasant and sleeps fantastic. I can’t wait to see her personality blossom.

Makita Dog

Makita Dog is about 8 years old . She is a Shepard Chow mix . Makita was Andrew’s before we got married. She has really come to be a sweet dog and is great with the kids. Now only if she can stop getting sprayed by skunks she’d be golden.

My Family

My brother, Jon and his son Boden; Sister in law, Kate and niece Ada; Niece Ellen and Meems (my mom) Boompa (my dad); My sister, Caitlin (with niece, Brooklyn, in belly) and her husband, Jud; Andrew, Harper, Fin and me

Andrew’s Family

(Left to Right) Back row: Brother in law, Jason; Andrew’s brother, Aaron; Andrew and baby Fin; Middle row: Andrew’s sister, Amy; His mom, Cathy; His dad, Kevin; His sister, Erika; Front row: His sister, Emily; His youngest sister, Eliza; Harper and Me; N/P: new niece, Amy and Jason’s daughter, Nora