Traveling and sticking to it.

This weekend we headed to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit with my husbands grandma and also my sister and her family.
It was such an enjoyable weekend.
My husband was able to do some work on his grandma’s house while grandma was able to enjoy the kiddos.

Great Grandma and Scout Evangeline

We also were able to get some quality time with Caitlin, Jud and Brooklyn.
On Sunday, we headed to church then straight over to Pullen Park.
It’s a cute little park that has a few rides for $1 a ride.
There is also a huge play area with swings and playground equipment with a soft rubber landing free of charge.
No wonder the place was PACKED at 10:15 AM when the place opens at 10.

Aunt Caitlin and Brooklyn Nel

Harper on the VERY FAST Merry-Go-Round

Finley LOVED the boats! It was a fight to get him out.

It was a very enjoyable little getaway!

Now onto the whole “sticking to it” while traveling.
Sticking to eating healthy and exercising while traveling can be kind of tricky.
You don’t have access to your own kitchen, fridge and gym so sometimes you have to be creative or really just suck it up. 
You only have so much control when you are away.
One weekend won’t KILL you.
I have always been an ALL or NOTHING kind of gal.
But in life it’s truly all about moderation.

For this particular trip I knew there was a Trader Joes nearby which I wanted to hit up right away.
I stoked up on some (okay, A LOT) of my favorite Dr. Pragger’s California Veggie Burger’s.
I also purchased a Trader Joe’s thermal bag so I can bring some of these babies home.

I love these Veggie Burgers for many reasons, but they are super easy to cook and you can actually see VEGGIES in them!
They also taste good all by them self!

I had these for breakfast every morning while I was in Raleigh.
Then for lunch I had a protein bar.
My favorite nowadays are Think Thin Creamy Peanut Butter.
Not too bad tasting and about 19 g of protein.
I also bought some fruit and veggies to chomp on throughout the day and for the ride home.
Dinner was made by Grandma each evening so I made the best decisions I could with what was being served.
She was so kind to make us meal and by golly we appreciated it.

As for the exercise part, my sister who is a PRO at staying active, met me int he mornings to run/walk.
She and her husband have a contract on a new home so we decided what better way to check out the neighborhood than to go for a little run around.
It was great to catch up with her and get in a workout as well.

She’s one tough mother.

When you are traveling you may not have access to a gym, but you always have access to your running shoes and a road or outdoors.
That’s one of the reasons I run, because it is so easily accessible.
There are literally NO excuses!
Even if it’s raining, believe it or not people, you will NOT melt.

So, it was not a PERFECT weekend with diet and exercise, but that’s just it..we are NOT perfect people.
It’s okay to enjoy some out of the ordinary foods and activities, in fact your body will enjoy the change.
But, it is important to get back on track when you can.

I would like to end with a little funny fact…
We are always asked about
“To Kill A Mockingbird” and our daughter’s name’s Harper Lee and Scout.
I am surprised that no one had inquired about our son’s name Finley Blue and the wine Blue Fin!

I thought I would buy a bottle and put it in his room…
and then I came to my senses! 
No need to start THIS early!

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